What is the aim of the festival?

The Sunflower Festival aims to generate an annual income opportunity for the maintenance of one the oldest buildings in the Mooinooi community, the Elandskraal Reformed Church building, as well as assisting the general community in times of hardship in the community projects we are involved with.

What is the greater cause of the Festival?

The devastating impact of the past mining strikes and the 2012 shooting at Marikana left deep scars in the Mooinooi community. With the 2015 Sunflower Festival we raised money to contribute towards the salary of a permanent social worker in Mooinooi. The mines recently announced further retrenchments within the mining sector witch will escalate the social and financial problems that comes with Job losses. In times of need people turn to the church for help . The churches in Mooinooi has pulled together to assist people in various ways, but don’t always have the finan-cial resources to help. The Sunflower Festival will be an annual event hosted by the Reformed Church of Elandskraal in Mooinooi.